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Professional Coaching : seek the excellence that you want to reach yourself !

In France, coaching is on the radar of many : indeed, this word can cover a great diversity of practices, from many players and including many "merchants of the temple". Unfortunately, most articles and conversations point to the latter and their questionable ethics and practices, which hides the reality of this profession.

Yes, beyond skills, posture, attitude, coaching is an actual profession. It is very often praised by the managers and leaders who need to develop in their practice, or raise it to another level.

Below are some of the different aspects of my practice, which I share with most of the coaches affiliated to the French Union of The Coaching Professional Players (SFAPEC). Its President Valérie Ogier elaborates in the article (in French) :

The coach is not a counselor: her quest is to support her client in becoming aware of her own resources, reach her objectives and be autonomous regarding the sustainability of the solutions found.

This awareness is often pushed away in the "blindspot of conscience" by the mind, which prefers quick thinking.

How ?

  • Regular exchange time - 6 to 7 sessions;

  • Based on confidentiality, non-judgement and authenticity, so as to create a safe space for dialogue and to foster a trust-based relationship;

  • Semi-directed questioning - the coach guides the interview, and the client provides all the content.

This process is esatblished with a formal framework

  • A coaching agreement that states all the conditions of the coaching trajectory;

  • All members of SFAPEC are committing to the ethics established in its Manifeste du Coaching (French document).

Here and Next's unique touch

As a member of SFAPEC, we are proud to be committed to coaching that is framed by clear ethical principles. They are fully aligned with and complement our practices, that go beyond the behavioural-related practices of traditional professional coaching:

  • We use the most recent research-based findings in Adult Development to work on what defines and conditions long-lasting limitations as well as efficicency of traditional coaching methodologies. We can hereby address the client's Immunity to change (concept defined by R. Kegan / L. Lahey),

  • Hence we can speed up the awareness on possible development areas for our clients, and

  • Add the aspect of global personal growth to the process of reaching objectives.

Want to know more ?

Let's talk, either in a 15-minute zoom call or in a face-to-face meeting.

(I know it looks very... vintage, but I love Twin Peaks so much...)

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