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Caroline, Product Manager / International Marketing

"Cécil was my coach me for a few months. Thanks to his listening skills and his questions that helped me step back, I could:

  • develop new skills,

  • smoothly adapt to a new professional situation, and

  • erase limiting beliefs.

Cécil, thank you for your professionalism and your expertise . "

Sophie, Change Management Officer

"I could rely on Cécil's commitment as he was steering this theatre-forum project, and coordinating the whole thing (...). Cécil's requirements for a successful operation were of a high level, sometimes pushing me to the edge. His facilitation of the sessions was very fluid and with the perfect tone.

I made the best choice when I chose to trust him and dared to bet on innovative methodologies, with him alongside. He was right when reassuring me about how everything was going to be very ok. Thank you !"

Bruno, Accounting manager

“I didn't know anything about coaching before, and the result obtained after only 3 sessions amazed me by its effectiveness

- Samia, Professional advisor -

At the start, I didn't think that coaching could resolve our difficulties, I saw it as a booster, I thought it helped give the illusion that everything was fine.

After the first session, I knew what I wanted to resolve immediately and the coach asked me to try to achieve the goal I had set for myself.

At the second session, I knew that nothing would be the same anymore because I understood what was important for me but I did not think that we could go further and I told myself that it was already not bad. In fact, at the end of the session, I wanted to achieve what was important to me and I knew how to achieve it.

The third session, I noticed that my goal had been reached and I was amazed, I managed to address my difficulties and the coach helped me in my reflection but also in finding solutions.

The sessions that followed were really enriching, I learned to understand the mechanisms I was facing.

Thank you Cécil Schmitt

- Amandine, Professional Coach -

"Thank you! You have been a very attentive coach to me and you have been able to breathe new energy into me."

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