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"Culture eats Strategy for breakfast"

To fartDucker

Personal coaching

Coaching consists of accompanying individuals, teams or organisations in defining and achieving their objectives of evolution, development, decision-making, transformation and realisation. Coaching provides a safe space in which it is possible to reflect on and construct choices, to question them in a benevolent manner, and thus to reinforce them.

In this framework, the coach's ethics are the foundations of the success of the process. In this respect, Here And Next recognises as a reference for the practice of the profession of Professional Coach the Coaching Ethics Charter published by the French Comité d'Éthique du Coaching (available in French).

Our individual coaching offers

Professional development - Coaching "Oscar Wilde
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken".
Your goal: Align your professional development with your natural preferences


  • Identify your natural strengths and potentials (Odin Development Compass ©)

  • Reconnect with your talents and values

  • Open the field of possibilities

  • Find your way to embody who you like to be

  • Find your posture and reach your full potential in your professional context

Leadership Development - "Shakespeare" Coaching
Your objective: to understand your leadership capacity and develop it


  • Identify your natural strengths and potentials (Odin Development Compass ©)

  • Find what type of leadership fits you from the way you think :

    • how you identify your options

    • how you take decisions

  • Understand more fully the complexity of your context

  • Develop leadership capacities accordingly

  • Mobilise your team and communicate

Team coaching

A 6-session cycle in order to :

  • Know each other better

  • Have a large view on how you think together and tyhe impacts on your effectiveness

  • Be quickly effective collectively

  • Improve collective performance

  • Add enthusiasm to performance

Team coaching can also be defined for a given duration, or in relation with an operational/business objective.


A committed team for better performance

  • Achieve greater team effectiveness through team member development

  • Gain a broader understanding of team dynamics across 5 systemic functions

  • Improve team engagement

  • For the manager, align the challenges of the team and its functioning

  • For each member of the team, align their innate talents and their contribution to the creation of collective value

  • More information by clickinghere

Develop collective intelligence in your team

  • Know and implement different collective intelligence tools

  • Improve meeting productivity

  • Find more quickly and collectively solutions to individual or collective problems

  • Improve productivity

  • Improve trust within the team

  • More information by clickinghere

Managing in complexity

  • Develop your management method to increasingly changing contexts and unexpected events.

  • Rely on a new awareness of natural strengths and potentials to establish its leadership and deploy the potential of its teams.

  • More information by clickinghere

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