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Measure the commitment of your employees

BarometersQuality of Life at Work  / Psychosocial Risks

Operational performance is inseparable from the quality of life at work (QVT) and the quality of working conditions.

We measureTHEwell-being development factorsat work, and with the same concern for the quality of working conditions, we assess thepsychosocial risk factorsin the business

Social climate

The purpose of the social climate survey includes:

  • Employee morale and confidence in the future of the company

  • Satisfaction in current position (and possible desire to leave)

  • Relationship between members, teams, management

  • Trust with hierarchy

  • Autonomy or  trust in employees

  • Wage policy

  • Level of information of employees on the future of the company, projects...

  • Individual or collective effectiveness.


Teleworking has become an essential part of working conditions. A survey makes it possible to assess all the consequences of distancing:

  • HASautonomy and accountability

  • Lack of contact with colleagues and management

  • Difficulty defining the boundary between professional and personal life

  • Risk of isolation

  • Additional costs for the employee

Psychosocial risks


Our study is based on 3 complementary RPS evaluation models:

  • Comparing (1) workload, (2) autonomy, and (3) support from colleagues and superiors

  • Comparing efforts and rewards

  • Eassessment of the degree of exposure to professional burnout

We add questions relating to the methods of organizing work, professional constraints, and general satisfaction with the professional situation.


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