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Social Presencing: leading your projects and working  in complexity with your teams

Are you a complex team and/or project manager?  You look for  a privileged space to offer your team to reconnect?  Do you want to initiate co-creation work with her to increase efficiency?  You are looking for an alternative mediation tool for you  accompany you and your team to overcome your blockages and reveal your potential?

This approach can be a solution for your challenges of efficiency and the resolution of complex problems such as the search for operational efficiency or the achievement of your objectives in a context of strategic change, organizational transition or even increased uncertainty at your market environment.  


How? 'Or' What?  

  • Allowing you to connect together through bodily intuition and emotions

  • By allowing you collectively to hear what is important to everyone and by  thus developing active listening in a team  

  • By revisiting the  do together  » and by finding the keys to do better and differently for the sake of efficiency and serenity

And if you awaken your dream?

14/03/2019: Workshop "The Dream Awakens" - Brussels

This workshop  enabled our participants  to identify their dream and take the first steps towards achieving it.

This is how the workshop was structured:

  • Mini-conference and presentation of "Dreamers Who Do" by Hilde Helsen

  • Implementation workshops  practice by Hilde Helsen, Fouad Semlali and myself

Pic Workshop.jpeg
TDA-Animated 1.gif

In  learn more about Hilde and her "Dreamers Who Do" approach, in video here .

Coaching of  your strategic and organizational development  :

Theatre-Forum + Professional Coaching 

An innovative and creative approach, which combines techniques  artistic  and professional!


- You want to develop your organization by involving your  collaborators,  but don't know where to start?

- You have started a development process, and you are blocked in your process?

Our approach  :

- use of  theater-forum to free speech and  energize the actors of change:  a space for exchange and collective debate, for offbeat reflection and creative identification of pragmatic solutions, in a secure and "magical" space: the theater stage.  Everyone is invited, if they wish, to come and "change the life" of  fictitious characters subject to issues related to your organization and outline possible solutions for the real life ".

- implementation of group coaching workshops to assess the  solutions  considered in the creative phase, and propose sustainable solutions for the evolution of the company. In this step, we implement all our skills as an expert in organizational management and as a professional coach.

This approach allows the dissemination of values of listening and  responsibility within your organization, and the implementation of solutions supported by all levels of the company.

Entrepreneur Academy - Brussels

The Academy of  Development  Human of the Entrepreneur and the Company Manager

You are an entrepreneur, a business leader and you find it difficult to face all your challenges: give priority to the growth of your business while properly managing your teams and giving yourself personal time  ?

We propose to meet these needs through the implementation of collective intelligence and all  by focusing  to the development of what connects these issues together: yourselves.

1st cohort:  future

More information and registration from  today on

Developed with the support of Betacowork and the Club des entrepreneurs d'Etterbeek

A journey from shadow to light

We offer a one-day experiential workshop based on your imagination and mythological journeys,  designed  so you can do  in front of  situations  of life  or professional  blocking,  and do  your personal and personal choices in confidence and  in consciousness.  

2 professional coaches accompany you and your traveling companions to tackle with enthusiasm and creativity the important decisions you are facing. The path is based on the construction of  mythological quests, and aims to reveal to yourselves your power of decision and action.

Already made in France and organized with Trans-Humans ,  this workshop will soon be present in Brussels (to be defined), so if you are interested, read the video message below, contact us quickly, and we will take you with us! 

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