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Consulting - Expertise

Management and leadership

5 - 7 sessions for

  • Find your management style

  • Be effective in taking up a position

  • Define your individual and collective goals

  • Mobilize your teams

  • Communicate



5 sessions for

  • Accelerate in achieving your goals

  • Take your achievements to the next level

  • Go faster, higher, stronger

Professional and personal development

6 - 7 sessions for

  • Take stock and define your goals

  • Become aware of your resources

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Align your areas of life

Collective coaching offers

A number of sessions to be defined together for:

  • Get to know each other better and work together

  • Be quickly effective collectively

  • Improve collective performance

  • Add enthusiasm to performance

Collective coaching offers

Coaching  is the art of helping you  find the most appropriate solutions to achieve your professional and personal goals, depending on  your particular context. The space-time offered by the coaching allows you to build your choices,  to question them in all benevolence, and thus to strengthen them.

In this context, the ethics of the coach is the  basis for the success of the process.

  • Coaching offers a framework of confidentiality and non-judgment to exchanges,

  • Unlike consulting, coaching is based on a  questioning from the coach and built according to the objective pursued, and  to which the person being coached brings his  answers,

  • Coaching is a process carried out in co-responsibility and  for the  success  whose commitment _  of the person being coached is essential.

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